Frequently Asked Questions

It is a platform that enables you to earn from the comfort of your home. Create an account and Just solve captcha entries any time you are sitting ideal. For each right captcha entry earn in Dollars.

To join an easy typing job, create an account (its free). Once you have verified your email address, go to “upgrade package”. There you will find different packages. The basic package which is absolutely free. Then there is pro and premium packages for which you have to pay respectively. The earning on these packages are higher than the basic package. Then there comes a Gold package which is ultimately passive income generator. In the gold package, you do not need to work, just purchase one time and earn monthly for a lifetime.

 YES! 100% trusted and legitimate. We have been operating for a while now and many users have earned a huge sum of money through easy typing job. We are operating this website through a registered company which makes the website reliable. In case of doubt, you can use a basic package and withdraw money. Once you are sure about legitimacy, you can always upgrade a package.
 It depends on the package you choose and also how much captcha entries you solve each day. 
In Basic package, you can make 100 entries and earn 0.02 $ per entry. 
In Premium, make 200 entries and earn 0.04$ for each entry. 
In Pro, entries are unlimited and rates per entry is 0.08$
In Gold, no work has to be done. You can earn $30 dollars each day but if you have more accounts then income can increase
Although there are different options for different packages that you can check on “withdraw amount” option but in general you can withdraw money through 
  1. Paypal 
  2. Payoneer 
  3. Bank Transfer 
  4. Western Union
The withdrawal of money is easy. 
Keep making entries each day and depending on your package you can withdraw money. In basic and premium package, you must have made $200 before the first withdrawal. In case of pro and gold package, it is easy to reach minimum limits of withdrawal. You are recommended to have advanced packages like Gold. 
Are you a member of basic package and want to increase the earning? Just upgrade your package to premium, pro or Gold and enjoy massive amount of money you can earn. The deposit made for each package is life time. Pay for once and earn passive income all your life. Gold Package is best for maximum earning.
If your account has reached maximum entry limit and you want to increase the limit or have no limits at all then upgrade your account to pro or Gold. The basic and premium package has per day limited entries. After 24 hours limits will be removed automatically.
It is a free membership through which you can earn 0.02 dollar per entry. Per day entries are limited to 100. On this account you can test our services and learn how captcha entries are perform. Once you are confident you can upgrade to earn more. 
To be a member of premium package Pay only $100 and earn 2 times more than basic package. The rate per entry is 0.04 and limited entries per day is 200. Earn more with premium package.
Now the pro package is the great offer for you. Just deposit $250 one time and enjoy high earning life time. The entries per day are unlimited and rate per entry is 0.08$. Per day you can earn better amount. The additional feature in pro package is that you are allowed to have multiple accounts which means that sky is the limit for you when it comes to earning with pro package.
When you purchase gold package, you acquire the special status of partner. Therefore you will not have to make any entry. Per day earning is $30. This package is for investors and busy people who wants to earn massive income but do not have time to make captcha entries. One time payment to buy this package and enjoy life time earning.
If you have a hectic routine and can not make time to do regular captcha entries then Gold package is for you. Deposit $500 to buy package once and enjoy daily earning without doing any thing at all. On this account you have an option to use multiple accounts so there is a chance to even earn more. 
Among four packages, any package you choose and pay for is one time payment for life time membership. The payment does not expire which means your income will be generated throughout your life. 
In case you are a member of basic or premium, you are restricted to only one account. In case of trying to get another account with same package, you will be marked spam and will lose all the money you made. If you want to have more than one account then buy the membership of pro or gold package. There you can have multiple accounts and earn large income daily.
Basic, premium and pro packages require you to make entries each day to earn whereas if you are a member of gold package , you will earn the partnership status, hence you will not have to make entries daily. The amount of $30 will be deposited into your account each day.
Create account and upgrade to Pro or Gold package, you can make as many accounts as you want and earn unlimited income. But with basic and premium membership if you make more than one account, you will be going against our policy therefore we will have to ban your account and mark you as spam. You can loss your earning if your account get banned. So if you want to make more than one account be sure to upgrade the membership

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